GE-MA srl Company

Founded in 2005 GE-MA Ltd., is a very streamlined and versatile enterprise composed of professionals with long experience in the business industry. The headquarters is located in Melzo next to Milan

The headquarters covers 3000 square meters, including a large exhibition area with 200-300 Robots, the workshop, the tested area and the Sales Offices; to organize a visit please go in Contact.

GE-MA is specialized in sale of Industrial Robots and Robot Systems for Industrial Automation, such as Welding robots, Painting robots, Palletizer robots, Manipulator robots, small and large size.

GE-MA provides a wide range of Spare Parts and accessories, various types of gear for picking, suction cups tools, spot welding tongs, welding machines (complete with wire, wire harness, torch, Wire cutter with torch cleaner, etc.)

GE-MA also realizes whole Robot Cells, automated Stations with Robot adapted for the specific processing, with additional elements for welding, cutting, painting, and further equipment such as rotating tables, belt conveyors, Grinding machine, Safety structure with eyes protection, safety door switches, cabling operator panel, security systems for block processing, and much more.

GE-MA takes care of the delivery, installation and training of technical staff working with machines, as well as services after-sales.

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